Emily Pfizenmayer

Life is a journey. Through trusting the process, mindfulness, and humor, we can work together to navigate life’s parallels, potholes, detours, and stop lights. I provide a safe environment to help you manage everyday obstacles and turn them into opportunities. I specialize in Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT). DBT provides skills to regulate emotions, make well-thought out decisions, and communicate effectively. My work is also focused in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, and Mindfulness. I primarily work with adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harm, and various other challenges.

I enjoy working with the LGBT community. I have training and extensive experience working with those who identify as trans, gender queer, non-binary or are navigating through their own definition of gender.
I also provide a safe space to discuss sexual and romantic attraction. Over the course of time, sexuality can expand or shift. Together we will explore your definition of sexuality. I can also assist you and your partner in creating a foundation for non-traditional relationships.